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4 Great General Pest Control Tips for Texas Homes

General Pest Control

At some point in time, everyone has a pest infestation in their home. It can be the annoying little critters such as ants or potential disease spreaders like mice and rats. Regardless, a pest infestation is bound to happen at some point. However, there are ways that you can decrease the odds that it will happen to you anytime soon.

In the following blog, we’ll discuss general pest control tips that you can apply to your home to avoid any possible infestation. Many tips out there can be used to prevent infestations of all kinds, whether insects or rodents. By following these strategies, you can help keep your home safe and clear of pests.

Top 4 Pest Control Tips for Homeowners in Magnolia, TX

Secure Your Food

When we’re on a residential pest control job, the most common place we find a pest infestation is in the kitchen. Both insects and rodents are attracted to the sights and smells of free food. Their survival instincts kick in, and they immediately congregate towards the place that is most likely to keep them fed: the kitchen.

Food that is out in the open will attract pests, both rodents like mice and insects like ants. But it’s not just food left unsecured that will lead to an infestation. Crumbs that haven’t been cleaned up, dirty dishes left in the sink overnight, rotten or spoiled food not thrown away, and spills that aren’t cleaned properly will all attract insects into your home. Anything that smells tasty to a pest will attract them in an instant.

For as annoying as they are, it’s easy to admit that pests are pretty incredible survivors. They are constantly searching and finding their next food source. So the next time you don’t feel like doing your chores, imagine what it would be like living with these pests. Because that’s the likely alternative.

Keep Home Clean: Free of Clutter & Garbage

Expanding on the tip above, you should keep your home as clean as possible whenever possible to prevent pests. Pests, rodents especially, love clutter. They are attracted to the dark and small spaces that give them safety and comfort. That’s why if you’re ever walking in a major city that has a rodent problem, such as New York City for example, you’ll commonly see rats near the walls of buildings, in alleyways, or in dark places like a subway tunnel.

Furthermore, just like they are attracted to the sights and smell of food, they are attracted to the sights and smell of garbage. It’s important to take the trash out once a day to prevent any lingering trash smells from attracting pests. If you think they can’t smell yesterday’s thrown-away leftover meatloaf from outside your home, think again.

Keep Surfaces Free of Standing Water & Moisture

Pests, especially insects, are attracted to water and moisture in homes. If you have a leaky pipe in your basement, it won’t be long before ants find their way inside. Again, this is due to their survival instincts kicking in. They can sniff out these sources of food and water from far away and will make their home as close as possible to both sources.

That’s why one of the worst things you can do is leave your dirty dishes to "soak" in the sink overnight. The moisture from the soak, combined with the alluring smell of food, is a gold mine for an ant colony. To clean dishes, use dish soap mixed with vinegar to dissuade any pests from coming in. Ants especially hate the smell of vinegar. A proper dish soap mixed with vinegar will help keep your home free of pests.

Keep Your Home Properly Maintained

A report by the U.S. government found that many of the homes that reported seeing both cockroaches and rats inside had structural problems as well. And really, that should make sense. Mice can fit into holes the size of a dime, making them perfect opportunists for sneaking into a home with a broken window, for example. Things like leaky pipes, sagging roofs, and holes all allow a pest to enter.

From there, it’s all about finding a food source. If you haven’t secured your food and you live in a home with structural problems, then it is only a matter of time before an infestation occurs. Luckily, you can always call a pest control company to handle any infestations.

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