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Mosquito Problems In The Woodlands, TX

If you've lived in The Woodlands for a long time, you probably understand how annoying the mosquito populations around here can be. You might think that they're a necessary evil, that mosquitoes are just something you'll have to deal with in The Woodlands area forever. Unfortunately, many people here underestimate just how dangerous these flying pests can be. If you understood the threat that mosquitoes pose to you, your family, or your customers during outdoor activities, you'd put a little more thought into how you control mosquito populations on your property.

Mosquito Dangers, Do's, & Don'ts

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Since mosquitoes can breed in anything above a half-inch of standing water, they'll colonize your yard very quickly, especially if you're near any swamp, pond, or canal. Unfortunately, every time a mosquito bites you, you have a one in three-hundred chance of incurring a dangerous disease. Since mosquitoes transmit these diseases through their feeding tubes from victim to victim, there are a variety of deadly diseases transmitted by mosquitoes in The Woodlands area, including Zika virus, West Nile virus, yellow fever, dengue fever, and more.

If you enjoy spending time outside in your yard, here are a few things you can do on your own to reduce your chances of a mosquito bite:

  • Avoid wearing dark colors and heavily scented shampoos.
  • Use mosquito repellent frequently.
  • Avoid dawn and dusk activities, as these are the times they're most active.

Keep in mind that mosquitoes are also very attracted to people with blood type O and pregnant women, so these categories are always at higher risk.

Professional Solutions, Guaranteed Results

If you want to mitigate the risk entirely, then let our Marathon Pest Control service technicians go the extra mile for your property. All of our residential and commercial mosquito control treatments begin with a thorough inspection, during which our professional mosquito experts will check for any harborage sights.

For our commercial clients with larger areas to treat, such as parks, trails, and water plants, we use an industrial-grade ULV fogging machine transported on the back of an all-terrain vehicle and truck.

Our certified mosquito technicians will operate these vehicles, driving them around the complex or even cities and neighborhoods to reduce mosquito populations during the evening. We always treat between April and November as often as necessary based on our inspection of the problem.

Our technicians will utilize a backpack fogger and the innovative In2Care mosquito control system for our residential clients. These solutions will reduce mosquito populations and break the breeding cycle in high mosquito activity areas. Our mosquito experts will identify the best places on your property to place the In2Care system in shaded, harborage areas around shrubbery and heavy foliage. We'll also address any standing water issues with the homeowners to eliminate the risk of continual colonization.

Our follow-up inspections are an incredibly important part of our residential mosquito control package, as many of our treatments may occur when mosquitos are less active. We always follow-up between March and November when mosquitoes become more active to ensure there aren't any problems. If there are, you're covered by our pest-free guarantee, so we'll fix the problem at no charge.


Protecting What Matters Most In The Woodlands, TX

Whether you're protecting your yard, running a commercial facility, or directing a public park, mosquitoes are a direct threat to your family, customers, and profits. Protecting what matters most to you from mosquito-borne illnesses isn't something you'll be able to do properly without professional help, but you're not in the fight alone.

With our expert technicians and innovative technologies such as In2Care solutions, Marathon Pest Control goes the extra mile to guarantee you a mosquito-free property. Call us today for a free inspection and estimate for mosquito control.

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