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Everything You Need to Know About Ant Control

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Have ants entered your home? Unfortunately this is a common problem almost everywhere in the world. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that ants have an estimated worldwide ant population of over 10 million, live everywhere except a handful of places mainly in the Arctic, and consist of over 13,000 different known species.

Safe to say, ants are likely to invade your property at some point in your life. However, measures can be taken to possibly prevent an ant infestation of your home. So while the odds may be in the ants’ favor, you are not completely powerless in preventing these aggravating pest infestations from occurring.

Ant Control: How to Get Rid of Ants in My Home

How to Prevent An Ant Infestation

With significantly more ants on this Earth than humans, odds are that some will attempt to make their home in yours. Ant infestations can quickly turn a peaceful home into a battleground of tiny invaders. Whether you've encountered them in your kitchen, pantry, or even your garden, these resilient pests can be a persistent nuisance. 

But you can say goodbye to those pesky picnic crashers and keep your home a fortress of ant resistance through mindful cleaning. Cleaning your dishes, sweeping, utilizing vinegar-based soap, keeping food and pet food secured, and taking out the garbage are simple cleaning tasks that prevent an ant infestation.

Ants are attracted to food and moisture. They’ll target both food and water sources as soon as they get a hint of either. In addition to cleaning all possible food surfaces, you’ll want to also ensure that you have no leaky pipes or standing water. Letting dirty dishes soak in the sick for example, is an ant’s dream. You’ll want to minimize all possible attractions for ants.

The Case Against DIY Residential Pest Control

Contacting a local pest control company is the most efficient and effective way to handle any pest infestation. There are many products available in stores that claim to eliminate ants in homes. But these products are minimally effective at best and potentially harmful to the health of pets and people in your home at worst.

Store-bought ant sprays and ant traps use poisonous chemicals that can be harmful when they contact your skin. But even the most careful homeowners, or those using more natural alternatives, are likely to find that the DIY methods they choose simply don’t work. Without professional skills, knowledge, and tools, it’s hard for homeowners to find exactly the right method to attack the root cause of a pest problem.

That's why it's inadvisable to try your own at-home pest control system as opposed to hiring a licensed professional. You could accidentally stain your furniture, damage your countertops or flooring, or even harm yourself if not careful. Even with precaution, DIY methods are simply not strategically sound and precisely targeted like professional methods are.

How Does a Professional Pest Control Company Tackle Ants?

Just like how you are better at your job than the average person, a professional pest control company handles ants better than an average homeowner. Pest control companies can effectively diagnose the extent of your infestation, which will allow them to better understand what needs to be done to eliminate the ants. Furthermore, they have access to their own extensive experience, knowledge, and professional-grade equipment that you wouldn’t have access to.

They also know which pesticides to use that aren’t illegal or dangerous to humans. For example, there are some baits that have been deemed illegal by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for harming humans. Despite that, these pesticides still show up in America as unwitting consumers will buy them online. People have gotten violently ill from accidentally ingesting these dangerous chemicals.

Now, we don’t doubt how handy you are, but a professional has spent more time learning the ins and outs of pest control than the average human. Pest control companies can safely and effectively eliminate ant infestations at the source. In our recommendation, it’s better to trust those trained to handle these common issues instead of attempting a possibly harmful solution yourself.

Trust the Pros of Ant Control!

When confronted with an ant infestation, immediate resolution is crucial. At Marathon Pest Control, LLC, we empathize with the anxiety that unwanted critters in your home can cause. Our team comprises highly skilled experts, primed and prepared to lend you a helping hand today. 

Our variety of residential pest control services begins with a comprehensive assessment of your home and property, followed by the application of the most tailored and efficient treatment for your particular pest infestation.

Contact Marathon Pest Control for Ant Control Services in Magnolia, TX

Your peace of mind is our priority. Contact Marathon Pest Control today to solve your ant infestation for good!