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10 Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Critter-Free During the Holidays

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The holiday season is a time for warmth, joy, and festivities. However, it’s also when pests seek refuge in our cozy homes. As the winter chill sets in Magnolia, Texas, residential pest management becomes crucial. 

A trusted pest control service is a priority during the winter. You want a company you can rely on to get the job done right the first time. Marathon Pest Control is here to share ten essential cleaning tips to keep your home free from unwanted critters during the holidays. Set up your appointment today. 

Winter Cleaning Tips to Keep Pests Out

The last thing you want during the holidays or while hosting family is to deal with unwanted pests in your home. You can take preventative measures to keep your home free of pests. Safeguard your home with these tips. 

1. Seal Entry Points

Start by inspecting your home for any cracks, holes, or gaps where pests could enter. Seal these areas with caulk or weather stripping. Pay special attention to areas where utilities and pipes enter the home, as these are common entry points for pests.

2. Keep the Kitchen Clean

Pests are attracted to food remnants. Ensure your kitchen is spotless by cleaning up crumbs and spills immediately. Store food in airtight containers and regularly dispose of garbage in sealed receptacles.

3. Manage Moisture

Pests like cockroaches and rodents are attracted to moisture. Fix leaky pipes and ensure areas under sinks are dry. Use dehumidifiers in damp areas like basements to discourage pest habitation.

4. Declutter Your Space

Clutter provides hiding spots for pests. Keep your home tidy by decluttering regularly, especially in storage areas like attics and basements. This makes it less appealing for pests looking for a cozy winter home.

5. Regularly Vacuum and Dust

Frequent vacuuming and dusting can remove potential food sources and pests like dust mites. Pay particular attention to areas where pets eat and sleep, as pet dander and food can attract pests.

6. Store Firewood Properly

If you have firewood for the holidays, store it at least 20 feet away from your home and off the ground. This helps prevent pests like termites and ants from finding an easy pathway into your house.

7. Inspect Holiday Decorations

Pests can hitch a ride into your home through holiday decorations. Inspect and clean these items before bringing them inside, especially if they’ve been stored in an attic or garage. Regular pest control services can keep your garage and attic free of critters, too. Then you don’t have to worry about carrying them into the main house. 

8. Dispose of Garbage Regularly

Regularly disposing of garbage and using sealed bins can greatly reduce the likelihood of a pest infestation. This is especially important after holiday feasts when leftovers can attract pests. Once you’ve taken out the trash, wipe the container down to eliminate any drips or crumbs that may be left behind. 

9. Check Exterior Vents

Ensure that all exterior vents are covered with a mesh screen to prevent pests from entering. This includes vents for dryers, attics, and crawl spaces. Remember that furry creatures are looking for warmth during the cold nights, and your dryer vent hits the spot. The mesh grate will keep them out. 

10. Schedule Professional Pest Inspections

Finally, for comprehensive winter pest control, consider scheduling a professional inspection. Marathon Pest Control offers expert residential pest management services in Magnolia, Texas. Our team can identify and address potential pest problems before they become major infestations.

Invest In Expert Pest Control for the Winter

Your home is a safe haven where you don’t want to worry about germs or diseases brought in by rodents. Preventative measures are key in winter pest control. By regularly scheduling pest control, you’ll be able to keep your home free of bugs and rodents. 

If you encounter any pest issues or need professional assistance, Marathon Pest Control in Magnolia, Texas, is here to help. Our expertise in residential pest management ensures your home remains a comfortable and critter-free sanctuary this holiday season.